Dawn breaks, which is no small thing

Memorable quotes in english

Cascales: Can we swap roles?
Teodoro: What?
Cascales: I’ll swap you my role for yours.
Teodoro: Yeah, sure. Of course. I overcame a degree in engineering, I get a fuckin’ great job at Oklahoma, and now I give you my character, so that you can perhaps clean your ass with it. So, don’t bugger, man, don’t bugger.

Kid #1: Do you think that any knowledge we can get now at school, will be of a rank lesser to the spiritual assets we had been provided at church?
Kid #2: Probably.

Teodoro: Father. Are you aslept, father?
Jimmy: Eh?
Teodoro: Are you aslept?
Jimmy: No, son, course not, course not.
Teodoro: I remember mother, father.
Jimmy: But, don’t you like the motorbike I bought you?
Teodoro: Yes, the bike is great, but that’s a completely different thing. Don’t you remember what I told you in the letters? I told you, «I’m eager to see you both when I get back». You both, I told you, mother and you. And then I come back and, you’ve killed her. Why did you kill her?
Jimmy: Because she was very bad.
Teodoro: But, father…
Jimmy: It’s hard to tell this a son, but your mother was very bad. I’ve waited for you to be raised, and for you to have a good job. But now you have that post at Oklahoma, why do you want a mother?
Teodoro: I don’t know but, as I’m beginning a sabbatical year with nothing to do…
Jimmy: But you’re raiding a bike because of that. A bike with a sidecar, so you can see world. Because, you see, all the fucking day there at Oklahoma.

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